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GRG can help you navigate the complexities of KMP remuneration. Our complimentary Remuneration Insights share the thoughts of some of Australia’s leading KMP remuneration consultants using our extensive Australian KMP remuneration database.

Succession ESOPs


25 June 2024

How do retiring owners of private companies enable the company to continue growing, while realising the value of their shareholding without a ready market for the shares? A Succession Employee Share Ownership Plan (SESOP) allows key employees to buy into the company, motivating them to grow its value even as the founder sells down.

Equity Bank


25 June 2024

As well as increasing long-term alignment of executives, Equity Banks are useful to the executives themselves, shareholders and governance groups – for both listed and unlisted companies.

Linking ESG to Remuneration


14 May 2024

How should the criteria for ESG – one of the hottest topics for ASX listed companies – be linked to executive remuneration? We observe emerging market practices in Australia and provide an ESG or risk scorecard example.

ESG Remuneration Considerations


14 May 2024

Many boards are struggling to introduce Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics into incentive remuneration plans. We discuss key ESG considerations to answer questions such as which ESG metrics should be focused on, how they are measured, and what weighting should be applied to each metric.

How Executive Remuneration Surveys Support Pay Alignment


18 April 2024

We explore how executive remuneration surveys facilitate pay alignment by providing data-driven benchmarks for executive compensation, enhancing transparency, ensuring regulatory compliance and addressing inherent data challenges to create competitive, tailored compensation strategies in the corporate landscape.

Long Term Incentive Fundamentals


16 April 2024

LTIs have a poor reputation as overly complex, legalistic, opaque and challenging, with unintuitive performance metrics. But LTI/LTVR can, and should be, the most powerful, effective element of remuneration. So what are the fundamentals of LTI plans and their critical success and failure factors?

Unlisted Long Term Incentives: Equity Optional


16 April 2024

Substantial regulatory changes and innovative solutions have recently made compelling LTVR/LTI structures possible for unlisted companies. We analyse the four main approaches we observe in successful unlisted market examples (and the main alternative).

WGEA Vs GREAT: Actionable Gender Pay Insights


22 March 2024

In February, damning WGEA findings laid bare the problematic and oversimplified collection, analysis and reporting of gender pay gap data. This can be remedied for genuine insights and effective action plans to impel true gender equality in remuneration. GRG offers practical support for this long overdue outcome.

The Rise of Service Vesting Equity


19 February 2024

SVEs represent an attractive simple element of remuneration for executives that can be introduced for no additional cost.  They can also help address deficiencies with STVR and LTVR that are problems for some companies.

Executive Compensation Surveys: Setting the Stage for Strategic Remuneration Decisions


12 February 2024

This article explores how executive compensation surveys inform strategic business decisions, focusing on aligning remuneration strategies with market trends to attract and retain talent. It highlights the significance of these surveys in developing competitive, transparent compensation packages, underscored by GRG's expertise in offering comprehensive market insights and tailored advisory services.

Declining Remuneration Report Disclosures


23 January 2024

KMP remuneration disclosures in remuneration reports are required under the Corporations Act. However in recent years the number of executive roles reported has declined, in an apparent move away from transparent communication to minimalist compliance – perhaps to reduce exposure to criticism. We canvass the change in disclosure, its impact for boards seeking to benchmark remuneration, and explore the path to improved databases.