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Retention Incentives and Sign-on Bonuses (Awards)


1 December 2022

When offered to executives, retention and sign-on awards can be viewed as controversial and even inappropriate. With the latest market data we explore the resultant stakeholder tensions and variations which may address their diverse priorities.

The Unlisted Equity Plan Revolution: Is Equity Right for You?


22 June 2022

Poor drafting of legislation intended to support widespread use of equity by unlisted companies instead prevented most from developing a compelling ESOP. Complete with a decision tree, this Insight will help you determine whether now is the right time to consider a new ESOP or even a replacement.

Optimising ESOPs With Advanced Administration


16 February 2022

Common traps, missed opportunities and issues often make ESOPs seem harder and more expensive than they need to be, and undermine their impact. Fortunately, a range of simple, cost-effective solutions make ESOPs and equity-based remuneration the most attractive form of remuneration.

4 Key Mistakes in Benchmarking to Avoid in 2022


31 January 2022

Benchmarking KMP remuneration may seem like a simple process, but it can quickly and easily go wrong. We set out four pitfalls to avoid when benchmarking in 2022, using the example of a fictitious online electronics retailer, Nogan Limited.

Why Is STVR Deferral an Essential Ingredient in the Remuneration Mix?


29 October 2021

STVR typically rewards performance over a single year of the company's annual business plan. For many years it was paid entirely in cash, which promoted short-termism at the expense of the company's longer-term benefit. Here we look at future best practice, including how deferring STVR can support long term alignment, equity holding policy requirements, and “skin in the game”.

A Small Change Will Have a Major Impact


3 August 2021

In the 2021 Federal Budget, it was announced that for ESS taxing purposes, termination of employment will not be a taxing trigger point for grants made on or after 1 July 2022. This small change will significantly affect the design of rights plans relating to LTVR, STVR deferral and retention programs.