Our specialisation in KMP remuneration gives us true independence

As a KMP remuneration specialist, GRG does not provide other services such as audit, legal, superannuation or investment. Therefore, our independence is not compromised by the potential loss of other work should our remuneration advice not be in accordance with the expectations or desires of those that commission work. Accounting firms – especially the large ones – as well as lawyers and HR service providers cannot provide the same level of independence.

The independence of external KMP remuneration recommendations is now a critical factor given that boards are required to make a statement about it in their remuneration reports. A perceived lack of independence of advice may result in a “strike” against the remuneration report at the AGM, which can in turn lead to a “spill motion”. Engaging GRG will ensure that independence of remuneration recommendations does not become an issue in relation to voting on Remuneration Reports.

The advice we provide will be consistent irrespective of who commissions the work – and we will be pleased to stand by it before shareholders or in a public forum.

We will refuse to work with clients that seek to unduly influence the outcomes of our analysis or do not follow the proper regulations and protocols that relate to KMP remuneration.