Customised remuneration analysis for greater detail, commentary and recommendations

GRG also produces data or recommendation reports for any group of companies nominated by a client that can contain much the same material as our standard reports, but with more detail, commentary and recommendations based on an analysis of your organisation’s current practices. We can also conduct “data mining” on rare roles or in unusual industries to produce analysis that is not standardly available.

We will happily conduct research on your competitors and provide you with information on key issues such as:

  • Remuneration profiles and mixes
  • Shareholder voting patterns
  • Short Term Incentive Design
  • Long Term Incentive Design
  • Current remuneration
  • “Two Strikes” analysis
  • Any other remuneration issues that are disclosed as part of reporting requirements

We can also either “host” or lead bespoke surveys

Industry groups sometimes collaborate on compiling remuneration reports specific to the industry (often referred to as a “club survey”). We can act as the independent third party hosting the data to ensure that all information remains anonymous.

Alternately, a single client may sponsor the survey, and we can approach other organisations to participate on behalf of the client (keeping the client’s identity anonymous, if required). The participants may want to receive a limited version of the report in return.