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WGEA Vs GREAT: Actionable Gender Pay Insights


22 March 2024

In February, damning WGEA findings laid bare the problematic and oversimplified collection, analysis and reporting of gender pay gap data. This can be remedied for genuine insights and effective action plans to impel true gender equality in remuneration. GRG offers practical support for this long overdue outcome.

Declining Remuneration Report Disclosures


23 January 2024

KMP remuneration disclosures in remuneration reports are required under the Corporations Act. However in recent years the number of executive roles reported has declined, in an apparent move away from transparent communication to minimalist compliance – perhaps to reduce exposure to criticism. We canvass the change in disclosure, its impact for boards seeking to benchmark remuneration, and explore the path to improved databases.

A Comparison of Remuneration Databases: Navigating Executive Compensation Trends with GRG


2 November 2023

There is now a need to seek alternative sources of current remuneration data beyond the ‘disclosed’ to include the ever-growing population of non-disclosed executive data.  We compare the five main approaches to populating remuneration databases in which client companies can have a high level of confidence.

New Employee Share Scheme Regulatory Framework Finalised


15 August 2023

In 2022, hastily drafted amendments to the Corporations Act tried to address long-standing problems with the regulation of Employee Share Schemes (ESS). The new Division 1A of Part 7.12 only partly succeeded. After lobbying by GRG and others, substantial changes were made. This insight provides a summary of the final framework and key outcomes, actions and issues.

Boards Must Receive Fee Recommendations


13 August 2023

Boards are always in a conflicted position with remuneration. NEDs are both the decision makers and the beneficiaries of those decisions, while they must consider good governance and their legal obligations. This Insight discusses why boards must receive fee recommendations from an independent remuneration consultant.
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