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Universal Long Term Incentive Grant Calculation Formula


26 April 2022

Flaws in many of the various calculations of equity instruments for LTI grants result in inappropriate numbers being granted. To address the issue, GRG has developed a universal formula for this calculation, applicable to LTIs and other purposes.

Optimising ESOPs With Advanced Administration


16 February 2022

Common traps, missed opportunities and issues often make ESOPs seem harder and more expensive than they need to be, and undermine their impact. Fortunately, a range of simple, cost-effective solutions make ESOPs and equity-based remuneration the most attractive form of remuneration.

Why Is STVR Deferral an Essential Ingredient in the Remuneration Mix?


29 October 2021

STVR typically rewards performance over a single year of the company's annual business plan. For many years it was paid entirely in cash, which promoted short-termism at the expense of the company's longer-term benefit. Here we look at future best practice, including how deferring STVR can support long term alignment, equity holding policy requirements, and “skin in the game”.

Reasonable Remuneration – Not Just Passing the Pub Test


28 January 2021

During 2020 there was heightened public debate about instances of remuneration practices that did not seem to be reasonable and did not meet the requirements for shareholder approval. This responsibility rests with the Board – and breaches can lead not just to reputational damage but fines and disqualifications.

Many Moving Parts: ASX Listing Rules Changes Etc.


14 December 2020

It is difficult to stay on top of all the rules, regulations and guidelines that need to be understood to effectively govern/oversee KMP remuneration. GRG’s complimentary Remuneration Committee Companion is designed to help you stay ahead of these issues and avoid the pitfalls.

Variable Remuneration: A Commentary on Market Practices


3 November 2020

Our 2020 GRG Variable Remuneration Guide analysed the short and long term variable remuneration designs and practices of companies in the ASX200. Unfortunately their practices do not always reflect the good governance and modern approaches to variable remuneration that we would expect from Australia's largest corporations. However recent encouraging signs include a rapid rise in the use of financial return metrics and the abandonment of SIPs.
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