Understand if there is a gender pay gap in your business

The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (WGEA) requires Australian organisations of more than 100 people to annually report on remuneration practices by gender, to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (also WGEA), with the aim of closing the gender pay gaps identified by WGEA.

With the spotlight on gender equality, companies now need deep insights to understand if there are gender pay gaps in their business.

Close the gaps in gender pay bias

Gender pay bias may not be obvious. GRG can help you uncover if there is pay bias relating to gender, or the potential for bias creeping into your system, to provide deep insights and recommendations that help you on your way to becoming an employer of choice, with:

Remuneration Report Solutions – audience advisors
Data interpretation and analytics
Identifying areas for improvement
Remuneration Report Solutions – audience compliance
Recommendations & plans of action
Assurance Statement
Independent Assurance Statement

GRG’s methodology for gender pay analysis provides deeper insights to identify areas of improvement

GRG’s Gender Remuneration Equality Analysis Testing (GREAT) methodology is intended to provide deeper insights than typical Workplace Gender Equality Act (WGEA) reporting. Analysis is generally conducted at four levels:

1. By gender alone

Similar to WGEA analysis – this can often reveal differences in remuneration that arise from variations in gender representation at different levels of an organisation, but may be overly simplistic and doesn’t help to explain why or how gaps have arisen.

2. By gender and level/grade

Roles operating at a similar level in an organisation can usually be expected to be paid similarly. As a result, GRG can check that your organisation is paying roles equitably regardless of gender, for roles operating at the same level. Though we understand some skills or functions are more valuable in terms of organisational impact than others, valuable insight often emerges from this view.

Gender and role analysis

3. By gender and role

A key test of remuneration equality must be whether people are paid similarly for fulfilling the same job title or position description. GRG can run an analysis to determine whether there is a trend of paying one gender or another higher or lower for the same job.

4. By gender and compa-ratio

Inequality can arise because one gender or another is consistently positioned higher or lower relative to market benchmarks. By examining compa-ratio outcomes, it is possible to review whether or not “position in range” outcomes appear to be unequal. This is particularly important when there are not large samples of incumbents of different gender occupying the same role or position description.

Create strategic & practical solutions to issues uncovered, whether related to gender pay bias or perhaps other factors

In addition to data and analytics GRG will also help you identify strengths and weaknesses, and submit recommendation for strategic and practical solutions if there is a gap or risk of perceived bias. In some cases analysis can show that what may appear to be a bias on the surface is in fact caused by other factors, and those factors should be understood also. GRG will also assist you in creating a plan of action to help you become an employer of choice.

Independent Assurance Statement

GRG can also provide an independent assurance statement regarding:

  • your organisation’s position on pay equality (independent assurance), for example as part of ESG reporting (effectively auditing for ESG).
  • findings which you may wish to be published internally or externally to give stakeholders confidence about your company’s commitment to close the gender pay gap.

GRG can also conduct other types of pay analysis by any other incumbent feature, so if you have something else in mind, give us a call.

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Our Gender Pay Gap Analysis

When you uncover issues distorting pay equality, whether related to gender pay bias or not, strategic and practical solutions can be set in place for a fairer and more compliant workplace.

Our services include

  • Data interpretation and analytics
  • Identifying areas of improvement
  • Recommendations and plans of action
  • Independent Assurance Statement.
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