KMP Remuneration Consulting & Data

GRG provides independent, expert advice on executive and board remuneration for listed and unlisted companies in Australia

Godfrey Remuneration Group, also known as GRG, provides specialist non-executive director and executive pay and reward data and expert guidance to a nationwide client base. Our solutions help boards and remuneration decision makers navigate the complexities of key management personnel (KMP) remuneration.

For over 20 years we have built a reputation as a leading, independent advisor on board and executive remuneration issues for Australian companies and are one of the most used by ASX listed companies. Our strong, stable team of experienced professionals provide expert insights into KMP remuneration relevant fields; such as company and taxation law, ASX Listing Rules, accounting standards and corporate governance principles and more.

GRG offers both listed and private companies multiple ways to optimise their pay and reward programs. Our recommendations are clear, transparent and precise. We collaborate with our clients in a trusted advisor role and provide tailored remuneration strategies for senior management or members of the board for any corporate hierarchy.

GRG provides a comprehensive range of market-leading consulting services that provide additional specialist capabilities in KMP remuneration assessment, optimisation and governance. Or order high-quality remuneration data so that you can make informed key decisions.

GRG Consulting Services

Godfrey Remuneration Group (GRG Consulting) is a leading provider of multiple executive and board remuneration consulting solutions that consider company circumstances, compliance requirements and stakeholder expectations. As one of the few specialists that offer a full end-to-end solution, our clients can appoint us as their remuneration consultant knowing that we will have solutions whatever the need.

GRG Consulting services offer expert capabilities across pay and reward, helping you attract and retain key talent in line with shareholder and stakeholder expectations.

Remuneration Data Solutions


GRG is a leading provider of executive and board role remuneration data and analytics

Backed by one of the most comprehensive Key Management Personnel remuneration databases in Australia, choose the data you want, with over 1400 companies and thousands of roles to leverage. There are several highly tailored remuneration data packages available that assist remuneration decision makers with the discovery and interpretation of remuneration data so that you can be confident that your pay and rewards programs are market competitive and reasonable in the eyes of shareholders.

Alternatively, for keeping abreast of current market remuneration practices for your top executive and general manager population, join GRG’s Executive Remuneration Survey. Our ERS uniquely combines information disclosed in remuneration reports with company-collected data for over 60 roles, providing granular insights into quantum and variable pay plan metrics.