Protect your board by staying on top of a rapidly changing regulatory environment with customised coaching

Since 2011 the Corporations Act has placed responsibility for actively managing KMP remuneration squarely with non-executive directors, and remuneration committees. Many members of these committees have had limited exposure to the key HR, incentive design, tax, ASIC Class Order and Corporations Act and governance issues that are so critical to KMP remuneration. The “two strikes” rule makes it vital to understand the views and guidelines of a wide group of external stakeholders in order to protect the Board.

GRG has been a top supporter of remuneration committee members and other interested parties in meeting these challenges in a constantly evolving and highly regulated environment. We can deliver tailored coaching and development sessions to boards all around Australia, focusing on working with existing capabilities of and key issues for the board. If you would like to arrange a GRG session for your organisation, please contact us.

We’ve literally written the book on ESOPs in Australia

Buy 'The Australian ESOP Book: How employee share ownership plans can benefit every Australian company and its employees' at AmazonThe Australian ESOP Book: How employee share ownership plans can benefit every Australian company and its employees

Legislative reform in 2022 and 2023 paved the way for a revolution in new employee share ownership plans (ESOPs), creating the kind of employee skin-in-the-game that drives successful companies and economies.

Now an employee share ownership plan is accessible to all employees, The Australian ESOP Book is your definitive, accessible guide to choosing and implementing a plan today. You can:

  • Examine the range of plan options both as described in legislation and new, more creative plans that are emerging.
  • Learn how to optimise your ESOP for both business objectives and employee outcomes.
  • Explore the effect of legal and taxation issues, and exit scenarios and events on the success of various ESOP types.
  • See detailed models play out over time.

In each section, quick summaries are supported by in-depth discussions and appendices of mathematical evidence covering company costs, employee benefits, tax and compliance for all stakeholders.

Authors Denis Godfrey and James Bourchier are among the most experienced and highly qualified remuneration advisors in Australia. They have consulted to companies from start-ups through to private equity phases, to ASX listing and even into the ASX 50, with a profound knowledge of equity plan design.

GRG Remuneration Committee Companion, 5th EditionRemuneration Committee Companion

The go-to comprehensive reference for remuneration governance regulations and issues

Increasingly the decisions of a remuneration committee are taken to set the standard and tone of governance for the whole of an organisation; APRA basically expects it. Yet because their duties and responsibilities are so varied and less easily defined, the time, understanding and diligence required of remuneration committee members easily match or exceed those of an audit committee, whose parameters are much better defined and broadly understood.

Until now there has effectively been no single source providing a comprehensive overview of the relevant issues and how they are linked to Australian laws, regulations and guidelines. The Remuneration Committee Companion eases the burden of achieving a comprehensive understanding of remuneration governance considerations by drawing together key references and providing guidance as to how to work with them.

Experienced members of remuneration committees (or committees with similar functions) will find it an indispensible reference in understanding the increasing number of laws, regulations, rules, guidelines and stakeholder expectations affecting the governance of the committee. It also enables less experienced members to make more effective contributions sooner.