Uniquely in-depth remuneration analysis and advice

Godfrey Remuneration Group produces reference publications that are a board room standard in several industries. Our publications are drawn from our databases which are Australia’s largest and highest quality KMP remuneration databases.

Most of our work is focussed on producing tailored analysis and benchmarking reports for clients, as well as conducting market best practice research, reviewing and designing STI and LTI programs for which we have created some unique offerings, including TSR Alpha™. We have a unique methodology that is low-cost and less time-consuming compared to typical remuneration benchmarking methodologies used for general employee populations.*

GRG aims to provide in-depth advice often not available from other consultancies. Our view is that it is important for all consultants to take an active role in researching market practice. Understanding market practice is the starting point for providing advice that is relevant and tailored to the client’s specific circumstances. Nonetheless, our research indicates that we are a very competitively priced provider of KMP remuneration advice and arguably the thought leaders in the industry.

GRG can help your organisation in many ways

  • If you want to learn more about our thought leadership, our GRG Remuneration Insights constitute a range of helpful information resources.
  • If you are ready to have your remuneration practices reviewed or components analysed, contact us for a proposal.
  • If you are interested in some quick benchmarking references (which can be provided to executives without breaching regulations), you are welcome to request data and publications.

*Please note that generally we do not provide expert testimonials for court cases, nor do we provide information to individual employees seeking assistance in negotiations with their employer.