We maintain Australia’s largest and highest-quality KMP remuneration databases

To our knowledge our KMP remuneration databases are the largest of any kind in Australia – private survey, job match, evaluation based or otherwise. This gives us the ability to produce the highest-quality statistics from optimal sample groups, which we customise for every client that orders a full benchmarking report from us (whether executive or NED).

All data is thoroughly quality checked and outputs are generated through our unique methodology for interpreting Annual Report data. This ensures consistency and accuracy so that conclusions can be drawn with confidence. We include the raw data outputs as an appendix to every full report so that clients can check the details for themselves, if they so desire, or examine the remuneration packages of particular individuals in the sample.

Overseas listed companies

Similar information to that which is available from Remuneration Reports is also available from proxy statements etc. for overseas listed companies. Thus, if you have overseas operations and need information on overseas executive and director remuneration practices, GRG can often assist.

Custom/bespoke surveys

From time to time clients may need access to data that is not publicly disclosed or to examine the practices of a particular group of companies, listed or unlisted. In these circumstances it may be appropriate to consider a custom or bespoke survey. This would involve identifying a group of organisations, the practices of which are of interest, and GRG approaching these organisations to participate in a custom survey, either as a once-off recurring. Such projects are typically funded either by a single client who initiates the project or a group of companies with similar needs for information.

Generally speaking the participants in the survey will require a copy of the summary report in order to see the value in return for providing data for the survey. GRG can act as an independent third party to ensure anonymity is maintained for participants and that the practices of any single organisation cannot be identified.

GRG can assist your organisation in many ways

  • For more information please see Custom reports, data mining and surveys
  • Learn more about KMP benchmarking or our thinking in this area in our GRG Remuneration Insights, a selection of helpful information resources.
  • If you are ready to have your executive and/or NED remuneration reviewed or components analysed, contact us for a proposal.