Consulting services offering expert capabilities across pay and reward

Godfrey Remuneration Group (GRG) is a leading provider of multiple executive and board remuneration consulting solutions that consider company circumstances, compliance requirements and stakeholder expectations. As one of the few specialists that offer a full end-to-end solution, our clients can appoint us as their remuneration consultant knowing that we will have solutions whatever the need.

  • We help clarify your performance and reward vision and highlight keyways to move your organisation forward by developing a remuneration framework
  • We provide a market leading benchmarking service that uses data analytics so you can make decisions on how much to pay executives and board members
  • Create, design, and draft executive annual bonuses structures and long-term executive incentive plans
  • We ensure rigorous and up-to-date compliance with Australian corporate governance norms
  • We both draft and oversee the execution of board equity plans and equity holding policies
  • Advise and draft remuneration reports that effectively communicate to shareholders your approach to performance and reward for the year
  • We provide end-to-end solutions for specialised and technical projects for boards.

GRG Consulting services offer expert capabilities across pay and reward, helping you attract and retain key talent in line with shareholder and stakeholder expectations.

Executive remuneration

Our KMP remuneration services range include advising on remuneration strategies, reviewing and designing STI and LTI incentive plans and conducting market remuneration benchmarking research.

GRG Services: Board remuneration

Board remuneration

Manage board remuneration issues cost-effectively and strategically with remuneration data, advice and recommendations that are always clear, precise and transparent.


GRG expertly reviews and designs incentives plans, which are often highly technical with complex governance and compliance issues plus scrutiny from regulators, shareholders and stakeholders.

Remuneration governance, communication and strike risk management

A handful of votes may make the difference to a strike or spill – manage the annual risk with good governance, transparency and stakeholder engagement.

GRG Remuneration Insights 109 to 112: General Employee Equity Plans (GEEPs)

GRG Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

Because employees can benefit financially when the company performs well, ESOPs enhance employee engagement, commitment and involvement.

Coaching and development

Protect your board by staying on top of a rapidly changing regulatory environment with customised coaching and development.