A focus on effective remuneration reporting to key target audiences

GRG provides advice and bespoke drafting solutions for annual remuneration reports for listed companies in Australia. As your trusted advisor and partner, we will help you efficiently draft a narrative that effectively communicates key messages and statutory requirements to all stakeholders (including proxy advisors). Given the detailed disclosure requirements of the Corporations Act (2001), ASX listed companies writing their remuneration reports now need to think carefully about what the purpose of the report is, and the expectations of its three key audiences:

Retail audience for remuneration reports
Retail shareholders

Usually looking for short, plain English, simple and often graphic summaries.

Compliance audience for remuneration reports
Compliance audience

Lawyers, auditors and ASX compliance officers who are usually looking to ensure that minimum requirements are being met.

Institutional investors and proxy advisors audience for remuneration reports
Institutional investors & proxy advisors

Many in this audience have published their own standards of disclosure that need to be understood.

Remuneration report – an opportunity for strike risk management

Getting your messaging and content right in your remuneration report for these audiences is a major consideration of strike risk management. Since the introduction of the “Two Strikes” system in 2011, simply complying with the requirements of Section 300A of the Corporations Act (including regulation 2m.3.03) in preparing a remuneration report is no longer sufficient and exposes a listed company to the risk of the board being “spilled”.

A specialised remuneration report drafting service

As a remuneration specialist, GRG offers a depth of understanding of a complex field that is second to none. We analyse over a thousand annual reports each year; time and again we’ve seen the dramatic difference in outcomes provided by nuanced written communications that really speak to their stakeholders.

Truly effective annual reports are not just compilations of templates and check boxes. We will intensively tailor your report from the ground up, using industry-leading methodologies and authentic insights.

GRG provides two bespoke solutions for company annual remuneration reports:

Remuneration Report Peer Review Service

Remuneration Report Peer Review Service

For companies undertaking the drafting of their own remuneration report, we offer critical feedback and advice to optimise their report.

Remuneration Report Copy Writing Service

Remuneration Report Copy Writing Service

This is the optimal solution for companies wishing to outsource the copy writing and drafting of their remuneration report to a specialist in the field such as GRG, providing a final draft for your finance team to populate with data and your graphic designers to incorporate into the annual report.

We provide

  • suggested remuneration reporting templates and tools (such as recommended charts, tables) accompanied by a project guide
  • advice and collection of key reference documentation (such as policies and procedures)
  • report planning and design – development of a strategic outline of key report components, considering company circumstances, proxy feedback, statutory requirements, and current remuneration methodology and philosophy
  • report copy writing and/or drafting – the creation of a narrative that effectively communicates to target audiences
  • review and editing – GRG will compile feedback and conduct draft workshops
  • engagement with auditors as required to answer questions or provide guidance on non-statutory disclosure.
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