Access data and analytics from Australia’s largest and highest-quality KMP remuneration database

To our knowledge our KMP remuneration databases are the largest of any kind in Australia, so we can produce the highest-quality statistics from optimal sample groups. All data is thoroughly quality checked and interpreted using our unique methodology. The consistency and accuracy of our data allow you to draw conclusions with confidence.

GRG offers four data packages, with options customised to our clients’ needs. They offer true insight and analytical capabilities for whatever KMP remuneration project our clients are undertaking.

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KMP Remuneration Guides

Guides are a benchmarking reference point to explore if your KMP remuneration quantum and mix is industry competitive. Each guide contains a series of data tables that provide analysis on a comprehensive number of both executive and board roles, with data samples correlated to either market capitalisation or company revenue. Use guides as an annual research tool to uncover if further action is needed.

GRG Custom Database

Get the data you need without having to go through the cumbersome and costly process of enlisting into a remuneration survey. A GRG Custom Database allows you to choose the data you want, with over 1400 companies and thousands of roles to leverage.

Benchmarking, analysis and recommendations

Use GRG to review your executive or board remuneration. GRG Benchmarking Solutions apply a robust process of using market practice remuneration data and analytics to assess the quantum and mix of remuneration elements that constitute a market competitive remuneration packages for executives and board roles. This activity not only gives you the data you need, but solutions to KMP remuneration given via recommendations from some of Australia’s leading remuneration consultants.

GRG Remuneration Guides – Grouped by Market Capitalisation

GRG Remuneration Guides – Grouped by Market Capitalisation

  • Create customised remuneration data tables sampling companies in your market capitalisation range
GRG Remuneration Guides – Grouped by Company Revenue

GRG Remuneration Guides – Grouped by Revenue

  • Create customised remuneration data tables sampling companies in your revenue range
GRG Custom KMP Databases

Custom KMP Databases

  • Choose the companies you want to compare against
  • Over 1,400 companies to choose from
  • Quality data, easy-to-interpret format
  • Comprehensive range of both executive and NED roles
  • Select and test different comparator groups
  • No database or excel skills needed
Benchmarking Solutions

KMP Benchmarking

  • Recommendations from Australia’s leading remuneration consultants
  • Customised balanced comparator groups
  • Quality data, analysis and modelling
  • Report drafting & workshops
  • Implementation & additional support