Access remuneration data and analytics to review your executive and board pay

Access the data you need backed by one of the most comprehensive Key Management Personnel remuneration databases in Australia. Choose the data you want, with over 1400 companies and thousands of roles to leverage. There are several highly tailored remuneration data packages available that assist remuneration decision makers with the discovery and interpretation of executive remuneration, including incentives, salary and benefits; and non-executive board and committee fees.

Executive Remuneration Survey

The Australian survey with depth, substance & support

GRG’s Executive Remuneration Survey (ERS) is designed to comprehensively meet the needs of Australian remuneration committees, boards and human resources professionals by providing a fully-serviced survey of market remuneration practices for Australian executive and general manager roles.

The ERS expertly combines the information disclosed in remuneration reports on executive key management personnel (KMP) remuneration with company-collected data for over 60 executive and general manager roles to provide deep, granular data on quantum and variable pay plan metrics. GRG’s customer focus ensures data quality and completeness, so you can be confident in the data you receive.

Executive Remuneration Survey
GRG Remuneration Benchmarking

Remuneration benchmarking

More than data – advisory reports from our consultants

GRG also provides a board-quality remuneration advisory report for top executive and non-executive roles via our remuneration benchmarking consulting service. Our robust process uses market practice remuneration data and analytics to assess the quantum and mix of remuneration elements that constitute defendable, market-competitive, total remuneration packages.

Our consultants will work with you to provide clear recommendations based on custom market modelling and role relationship assessments. You get not only the data you need, but solutions to your KMP remuneration from some of Australia’s leading consultants.

Godfrey Remuneration Group


GRG Remuneration Guides

The critical Australian market information you need to help answer two vital questions

1) How much to pay executives and non-executive directors?
2) How to align executive pay to company performance?

Two important remuneration issues must be addressed in context of the Australian talent market. First, your offering must be competitive enough to attract and retain top talent while not being seen by stakeholders as unreasonable. To help with this strategic decision, GRG takes data and expert analysis from Australia’s largest KMP remuneration database for our Chair & NED Remuneration Guide and our Executive Remuneration Guide. Both are tailored to your market capitalisation in any of three major market sectors.

Executive remuneration also needs variable remuneration designed to achieves its pay-for-performance goals. The GRG Variable Remuneration Guide provides quality data on the reward design features used by top employers in Australia, for both short and long term incentives (as well as hybrid plans).

Custom KMP Databases

Pay and reward data analytics for Executive and Board roles

The GRG Custom KMP Database provides astonishing pay and reward data and analytics, giving remuneration decision-makers real insights.

Simply select the role classifier that you wish to investigate, mark the companies you want to include, and discover key remuneration concepts and line-by-line source data. There are over 1,000 Australian ASX listed companies to choose from major sectors including Finance, Health, Technology and Resources.