Align pay to performance with optimised executive incentives

Create a strategy to align executive pay to performance with an optimised variable remuneration incentive mix. GRG provide tailored executive incentive solutions across all types of incentive plan structures.

GRG assists with all types of Executive Incentive Plan structures

Short term incentive plans
Short Term Incentives
Long term incentive plans
Long Term Incentives
Hybrid incentive plans
Hybrid plans

We take our clients from the initial exploratory and design phase through to drafting

Executive incentive plans can be highly technical with increasingly complex governance and compliance issues to navigate. Our experienced consultants provide expert advice to optimise your executive incentive strategies, considering relevant remuneration fields such as company and taxation law, ASX Listing Rules, accounting standards, corporate governance and more. This provides you with a full end-to-end solution, from the initial exploratory and design phase through to formal executive incentive plan drafting. Every aspect of developing executive incentives will be covered to provide a holistic executive incentives strategy.

Executive Incentive Advisory Report

Provided as a review of your existing executive incentive approaches, or simply to focus on current/emerging best-practices tailored for your business, GRG executive incentive advisory reports provide direction and advice as to how to align executive pay to company performance with optimal outcomes for both the employee and employer.

Executive Incentive Plan Drafting

Formal documentation is required to provide clarity to all stakeholders in a way that addresses incentive design preferences, as well as compliance to an ever changing governance landscape. Godfrey Remuneration Group (GRG) provides formal incentive plan drafting for both short-term, long-term as well as hybrid incentives plans, offering clients a comprehensive and integrated solution to finalise their executive incentive strategy.

Executive incentives: a critical issue for ASX companies

Effective incentives help to focus executives and employees on the results that contribute to business success, and to align their behaviours with shareholder interests. Also, the “two strikes” rules on remuneration report voting makes the design of executive incentives a sensitive issue for ASX listed companies. Thus incentives are one of the most critical remuneration components that ASX companies must get right.
Compliance warning: new requirements effective 1st October 2022

Amendments to the Corporations Act mean new compliance requirements are coming into effect from 1st October 2022.  This means that all current incentive plans that use equity instruments will need to be reviewed and in almost all cases amended to ensure compliance with the new provisions before the next round of grants (typically occurring around October 2022).

Speak to one of our consultants to understand if your current executive incentive plans need to be reviewed to comply with new regulations.

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Our Executives Incentives services

GRG’s services range from reviewing the effectiveness of current incentive plans to full incentive plan design and documentation.

Our bespoke STI and LTI services include

  • Benchmarking and research of actual and target incentive market practices sourced from GRG’s largest ASX Executive remuneration database in Australia
  • Developing incentive plans that focus employees and maximise their motivational impact
  • Designing appropriate incentive profiles or mixes of for different organisational levels
  • Defining STI plan Key Result Areas (KRAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tailored to the context and circumstances of organisations at all levels
  • Developing customised LTI metrics that are appropriate to the business context and aligned with shareholders’ interests
  • Associations that create a team that can offer private tax rulings to maximise cost effectiveness and create incentives based on TSR Alpha™
  • Managing good leaver and termination benefit issues as they relate to incentives
  • Managing taxation issues as they relate to incentives
  • Change in control provisions
  • Return of capital to shareholders provisions
  • Managing the issues associated with disclosure of accounting charges, given that the accounting charge is not reflective of actual incentives paid when market measures are used as the vesting condition (applicable to a majority of LTI plans).

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