Our multi-disciplined approach is more accurate, applicable and cost-effective

Our methodology does not involve job evaluation, significantly reducing the costs, duration and complexity of the project. In our experience job evaluation is of limited value in relation to KMP remuneration since the Australian market is too small to provide a robust sample of roles with the same job evaluation score (from any database, particularly “private” KMP remuneration surveys which tend to be very small compared to GRG’s).

GRG aims to provide practical outcomes for our clients. We maintain Australia’s largest and highest-quality KMP remuneration databases, and our consultants keep up to date with issues that need to be taken into account from various disciplines including: statistical analysis, the Corporations Act, taxation law, ASX Listing Rules, accounting standards, guidelines and corporate governance principles.

Our methodology that takes the market data from the most relevant companies in a robust ASX comparator group and customises it to reflect internal relationships, relativities and job sizes of our client. Our client feedback is that this has provided much more logical and organisationally sensitive outcomes compared to job evaluation-driven or private survey results.

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