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GRG Remuneration Guides

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Our guides incorporate comprehensive NED and Executive KMP data

Our licensed electronic publications incorporate both NED and Executive KMP data, providing a complete remuneration guide for your organisation.

GRG produces several Guides each year in electronic form. Your organisation will be provided with an unlimited licence to distribute your customised publication internally. Each publication is digitally secured with information identifying the licensee to ensure that it is not used outside the organisation without the purchase of additional licences.

The standard electronic publications can be produced specifically for your organisation and delivered within two working days (and often less). The publications are framed by our research showing that market capitalisation has the strongest correlation with remuneration practices, and will be customised to your organisation’s market capitalisation range.

Updated guides are released around late April or early May each year, which is the point at which the last December reporting company Annual Reports are released and entered for analysis.

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We can also provide a tailored benchmarking report

General commentary is also included, but not to a level that could be construed as KMP remuneration advice for the purposes of the Corporations Act. Therefore these publications are reasonably broad in nature and are intended to be used as a reference point or sense checking tool; they are not sufficient to run a detailed benchmarking or remuneration review. We can customise a comparator group and provide a detailed, tailored benchmarking report including independent advice and recommendations for such purposes.

Executive KMP roles

Executive KMP roles include:

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • COO/Head of Operations
  • Business Unit Head/Manager
  • Company Secretary/Legal Counsel
  • Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Corporate Development & Strategy Manager
  • Corporate Services Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Exploration Manager
  • Mine Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Other GMs not otherwise classifiable.

NED KMP roles

NED KMP roles and data typically covered include:

  • Board Chair
  • Non-executive Director (NED)
  • Remuneration Committee fees (Chair and member)
  • Audit Committee fees (Chair and member)
  • Ratio of Board Chair to NED board fees
  • Aggregate Fees Limits (AFLs).

Data types

Data typically presented includes (where available in the sample, subject to sample size):

  • Median, 25th and 75th percentile statistics
  • Current and forecasted figures
  • Market movements
  • Base Package (BP) or Main Board Package (MBP) Excluding Equity
  • BP + short term incentives
  • Total Remuneration Package (TRP, which is inclusive of LTI) or MBP (which includes equity)
  • “Median BP to median TRP incentive uplifts” and “median BP to 75th percentile MBP incentive uplifts”
  • Sample sizes.

If the role you are interested in is not available in these lists, contact us for data mining so that we can examine how many roles there are in the database that may match your query. We will happily produce customised results based on data mining for you if there is enough relevant information to form a meaningful sample.

Using GRG Guide Tables – NED

Using GRG Guide Tables – Executives