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Retirement Savings – The Weak Element of Executive Remuneration


For all employees and particularly executives, superannuation fails to meet retirement saving needs and no other element of remuneration focuses on this need. Retirement savings is the weak element of executive remuneration and is such a critical issue for most executives that it should no longer be ignored.

Short Term Incentive Fundamentals


The level of understanding of when an STI should be used and how its design features should be constructed seem not to be well understood by many stakeholders. Here we seek to provide clarity as to the fundamentals of STI plans. The market practice information quoted has been extracted from the 2014 GRG Incentives Guide.

Treating “Good Leavers” Badly


One of the surprising findings from research reported in the 2013 GRG KMP Incentives Guide is that most companies appear to be exposing executive KMP who are “good leavers” to reduced benefits on cessation of employment including reduced STI payouts and lower or nil vesting of LTI grants. This issue needs urgent attention.

Prejudicial Media and Executive Remuneration


With the commencement of the two strikes rule (two successive 25% or more of negative votes on Remuneration Report resolutions means that a third resolution needs to be put to shareholders giving them the opportunity to spill board seats) boards have become concerned to minimise the risk of receiving a strike against their Remuneration Report...

Key APRA Guidelines


Companies regulated by APRA have been busy implementing Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), Prudential Practice Guide PPD 511 Remuneration, dated 30 November 2009. Whilst compliance is only required for APRA-regulated companies we believe...

2009 ESS Taxing Provisions Update


On 21 October 2009 the new employee share scheme taxing provisions were introduced into Federal Parliament. Given the extended period over which the legislation has been developed it is hoped that there will be no further changes before it is enacted ...

LTI Review Checklist


2009 has been a challenging year in relation to executive long term incentive plans due to uncertainty around the taxation treatment of employee share scheme (ESS) benefits ...

Government View of Executive Remuneration


Two substantial amendments affecting executive remuneration have been announced by the Federal Government and they are: Reducing the amount of termination benefits that may be paid to top executives, and Removing tax deferral in relation to shares, rights and options ...

Changes to Terminations Benefits


On 18 March 2009, the Federal Treasurer and the Minister for Superannuation & Corporate Law in a joint Media Release indicated that the Government would amend the Corporations Act to significantly lower the threshold at which termination payments must be approved by shareholders from the current level down to one years average base salary...

LTIs and Changes in control, capital reorganisation


GRG has recently had cause to focus on the early vesting provisions of executive long term incentive (LTI) plans. Early vesting provisions generally include: Those occurring during employment being change-in-control (CIC) situations relating to ...