Remuneration Insights

  • 4Institutional Investor Perspectives on Executive Remuneration

    Jun 2007

    In April 2007 Institutional Shareholder Services Pty Limited undertook a survey on behalf of a small group of six sponsors. GRG was one of the sponsors and saw that sponsoring such a survey would help in keeping abreast of the latest views of institutional shareholders who are important and influential stakeholders in the area of executive remuneration ...

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  • 3Reviewing CEO Remuneration

    Jun 2006

    Stakeholder interest, greater transparency and corporate governance considerations have lead to Boards paying greater attention to the process of reviewing CEO remuneration. While advice from independent specialist firms of remuneration advisors is important it remains incumbent upon Boards to ensure that they critically review the advice and satisfy themselves as to its appropriateness to the company's circumstances before they make decisions on CEO remuneration packages ...

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  • 2Changes in the Use of Options

    Mar 2006

    Now that the hysteria surrounding options has dissipated it is perhaps timely to review which executive equity based long term incentive plans are most appropriate to company circumstances. Separate papers will be prepared on specific aspects such as performance hurdles, allocations, taxation implications and accounting charges ...

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  • 1Basics of Remuneration Report Preparation

    Oct 2004

    Although most companies have remuneration strategies they often have not been formalised into written policies and may not have been critically reviewed for some time, recent amendments to the Corporations Act require listed companies Remuneration Reports to ...

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