Remuneration Insights

  • 34Righting Some Wrong in the Executive Pay Debate

    Jan 2012

    GRG is of the view that the TSR Alpha concept represents a significant step forward in the executive remuneration debate and ofers a way to address problems associated with traditional long term incentive plans particularly the use of relative TSR as a performance measure...

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  • 33STI Plans – alignment and disclosure

    Nov 2011

    Recent press articles on key management personnel (KMP) remuneration disclosures in Remuneration Reports seem to expect that disclosed remuneration levels from one year to the next should be lower if shareholder value has declined. Boards are often criticised and remuneration strategies tagged as not working when disclosed remuneration levels have not fallen in line wiht falls in shareholder value. The rationale for such views seems to be that there is only one measure of performance over the short term...

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  • 32Prejudicial Media and Executive Remuneration

    Oct 2011

    With the commencement of the two strikes rule (two successive 25% or more of negative votes on Remuneration Report resolutions means that a third resolution needs to be put to shareholders giving them the opportunity to spill board seats) boards have become concerned to minimise the risk of receiving a strike against their Remuneration Report...

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  • 31Governance changes regarding remuneration consultancy (post passing of bill)

    Sep 2011

    External remuneration recommendations for key management personnel (KMP) are now a major issue to be addressed by all companies that are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) ...

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  • 30A first look at TSR Alpha

    Aug 2011

    The article provides an introduction to a new concept that may be used in relation to vesting of executive long term incentives ...

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  • 29Retirement Benefits and Approval by Shareholders

    Jun 2011

    Under legislation passed in 2009, shareholder approval is required for retirement benefits for executive and managerial officers when the total benefit exceeds one year's base salary ...

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  • 28Gender Diversity

    May 2011

    Recent developments on gender diversity in the workplace following changes with ASX Corporate Governance Council, Equal Opportunity for Women Agency etc. ...

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  • 27NED Remuneration

    Mar 2011

    Latest non-executive director remuneration review on shares and options, fees increases, aggregate fee limits, committee fees etc. ...

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  • 26Governance changes regarding remuneration consultancy (pre passing of bill)

    Feb 2011

    New government legislations propose changes to the "two strikes test", places restrictions relating to remuneration consultants, prohibits KMP voting and remuneration hedging ...

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  • 25Market Exercise Price Options & Taxation (post ESS tax changes)

    Nov 2010

    MEPOs are options with an exercise price set at approximately the market share price at the time the options are granted. The potential tax problems arose from options in some circumstances having taxable values at the taxing point that are greater than the accrued benefit (excess of share price over the exercise price)...

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