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This KMP Remuneration Guide will be emailed to you within one business day. Your licensed copy is for circulation amongst employees and directors of your company.

Remuneration data specific to major sectors

Data is provided in bespoke samples in columns in the data tables with All Industries in aggregate, and sub-sectors such as financial services, resources and industrial & services industries.

A large range of top executive and non-executive director roles

Each Guide covers an extensive number of KMP roles and typically includes:

  • Chair & Non-executive Directors
  • Top Executives
    • Managing Director (MD)/ Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    • Head of Operations
    • Business Unit Head
    • Company Secretary/ Legal Counsel
    • Marketing, Sales and Business Development Manager
    • Corporate Services Manager
    • Chief Risk Officer
    • Human Resources Manager
    • Chief Technology Officer
    • Project Managers
    • Executive Director
    • General Managers / Other

Data is provided on:

Chair & Non-executive Directors
  • Main Board Packages
  • Aggregate Fee Limits
  • Fee Movements
  • Committee Fees
  • NED Equity Plans
Top Executives
  • Fixed Pay
  • Short Term Incentives
  • Long Term Incentives
  • Total Remuneration Packages
  • Market Movements

Example data tables

Demonstration example: Non-executive director table

Sample remuneration data table for executives in the All Industries sector

Demonstration example: Executive data table (CEO)


Our Guides are released in digital form, tailored for and licensed to each purchasing organisation, and delivered promptly within one business day. Internal distribution within your organisation is unlimited, but each publication is digitally secured with licensee identification to ensure that it is not used outside the organisation without the purchase of additional licences.

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