Comprehensive NED and Executive KMP data, customised to your organisation’s revenue range

Guides are a benchmarking reference point you can use to explore if your KMP remuneration quantum and mix is industry competitive. Our Guides are based on data cut from Australia’s leading KMP remuneration database, which contains the full spectrum of Australian KMP remuneration practices.

Each guide contains a series of data tables that provides analysis on an extensive number of executive and board roles, with data samples correlated by relevant revenue ranges. Company revenue has a strong correlation with remuneration practices and is useful as an underlying basis for data comparisons.

Choose a guide that reflects your industry’s approach to KMP remuneration

These two Guide options are based on revenue and focused on major industry groups in Australia.

Choose the Guide that best reflects the industry you’re in.

GRG All Industries KMP Remuneration Guide – read more
All Industries KMP Remuneration Guide – Revenue (AIRGR)

Finance Services, Industrial & Services and Resources sectors

GRG Industrial & Services KMP Remuneration Guide – read more
Industrial & Services KMP Remuneration Guide – Revenue (ISRGR)

Healthcare, Consumer, Services and Industrial sectors

Licensing and updates

Our Guides are released in digital form, tailored for and licensed to each purchasing organisation, and delivered in within two working days. Internal distribution within your organisation is unlimited, but each publication is digitally secured with licensee identification to ensure that it is not used outside the organisation without the purchase of additional licences.

The Guides are updated around late April or early May each year, as the prior December reporting company Annual Reports are released and entered for analysis.