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Protect your board by staying on top of a rapidly changing regulatory environment

In 2011 the KMP remuneration landscape changed dramatically, with the Corporations Act placing the responsibility for actively managing KMP remuneration squarely with non-executive directors, and remuneration committees. Many members of such committees had limited exposure to the key HR, incentive design, tax, ASIC Class Order and Corporations Act and governance issues that are so critical to KMP remuneration. With the “two strikes” rule coming into effect, it became necessary to understand the views and guidelines of a wide group of external stakeholders in order to protect the Board.

GRG has perhaps contributed the most to supporting remuneration committee members and other interested parties to get on top of these challenges and stay on top of them, in a rapidly evolving and highly regulated environment, in the following ways:

Governance Institute of Australia (GIA) whole-day workshops – designed and delivered by GRG

The GIA is one of the most respected governance bodies in Australia, and is the umbrella body that brings all parties with an interest in governance issues together. GRG was invited by the GIA to design and deliver whole-day workshops to address the governance of KMP remuneration, intended to meet the needs of new and experienced remuneration committee members, other non-executive directors, company secretaries and HR professionals with active roles in ASX listed companies. It was so successful it has become a regular event, and the feedback indicates that there is nothing else like it in Australia. The seminars typically take place in Sydney and Melbourne. Contact the GIA for information on how to join the next workshop.

Custom coaching and development

GRG has been delivering tailored coaching and development sessions to boards all around Australia. The sessions deliver similar outcomes as the GIA events, however in a more tailored and focussed way, to work with the existing capabilities of and key issues for the board. If you would like to arrange a coaching and development session for your organisation, please contact us.

Free GRG Remuneration Committee Companion

GRG has developed a unique document in Australia: the GRG Remuneration Committee Companion. This indispensable boardroom document is free to anyone upon request, and will be licensed to your organisation so that you can distribute it to your colleagues as you see fit. It is designed to provide:

  • A high-level overview of the key issues, parties and regulations that need to be considered when dealing with KMP remuneration
  • An overview of how to develop a best practice remuneration governance framework.
  • A handy reference section that you can take into the board room with you that gives you a list of relevant Corporations Act sections and their implications, ASX listing rules and even ASIC Class Order issues that need to be understood when dealing with equity-based remuneration.
Order your free copy

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