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Comprehensive expertise in NED remuneration

Established in 2001, GRG has been an independent expert provider of comprehensive NED (non-executive director) remuneration services.  Our consulting services, advice and recommendations aim to be clear, precise and transparent so that boards can manage NED remuneration issues cost-effectively and strategically.

To mention but a few, our range of bespoke NED remuneration services include:

  • Remuneration benchmarking of NED Main Board Fees (MBF) sourced from GRG’s largest ASX NED remuneration database in Australia
  • Insightful approaches to setting pay relativities between Chair and NED remuneration
  • Committee fee recommendations and customisation including prevalence analysis in particular market segments
  • Unique design of NED equity participation plans that are acceptable to shareholders and stakeholders in the context of good governance relating to this issue
  • Analysis of aggregate fee limits (AFL)
  • Analysis of voting patterns on Remuneration Reports
  • Assistance with drafting Remuneration Report disclosures to ensure maximum clarity and shareholder support
  • Communication and governance advice relevant to NED remuneration issues
  • Keeping NEDs informed regarding changes in the regulatory environment and increasing levels of compliance required
  • Mitigation strategies for the “two strikes” rule

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