Executive remuneration

Executive remuneration

  • Our solutions and insightful recommendations help boards navigate the complex and changing governance and compliance issues of executive remuneration
NED remuneration services

NED remuneration

  • Our truly independent consulting services, advice and recommendations aim to be clear, precise and transparent so that boards can manage NED remuneration issues cost-effectively and strategically.

Incentive plans

  • Incentive plans can be highly technical with complex governance and compliance demands. Manage these issues with clear, independent advice.
General Employee Equity Plans

General Employee Share Schemes

  • Align the interests of the employees and shareholders, while improving the company’s financial performance via enhanced tax savings..


  • A handful of votes may make the difference – we help you manage the strike/spill risks with good governance and stakeholder engagement
Coaching and development

Coaching & development

  • Protect your board by staying on top of a rapidly changing regulatory environment with custom coaching and development