GRG services

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Executive remuneration

Executive remuneration

  • Remuneration strategy & market competitiveness benchmarking
  • Two strikes risk assessment & advice
  • STI & LTI plans
  • Regulatory issues management
  • Termination provisions
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NED remuneration services

NED remuneration

  • Board fees
  • Committee fees
  • Equity plans
  • Aggregate fee limits
  • Board composition
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Incentive plans

  • STI & LTI plan design and implementation
  • Cost effectiveness and tax issues
  • Accounting charges and disclosure
  • Changes in control, returns of capital and termination
  • General Employee Equity Plans
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  • Remuneration Report “strike” risk management
  • Stakeholder communications and strategies
  • Annual Report disclosure and explanation drafting
  • Policy reviews and documentation drafting
  • Board effectiveness
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GRG Remuneration Guides

Remuneration Guides

  • A complete remuneration guide
  • Aggregates both NED and Executive KMP role data
  • Customised market capitalisation range
  • Electronic publications for internal distribution
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Custom KMP Databases

Custom KMP Databases

  • Resources involved in KMP remuneration
  • Customised extracts from ASX1000
  • Complete disclosed data for each executive and NED incumbent
  • Can be filtered for any outcome
  • Automated calculations
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General Employee Equity Plans

General Employee Share Schemes

  • Align the interests of the employees and shareholders
  • Tax-effective savings for participants
  • Improve the company’s financial position
  • Facilitate NED holdings
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Coaching and development

Coaching & development

  • Protect the board by staying on top of rapidly changing regulations
  • Understand your external stakeholders
  • GIA workshops
  • Custom coaching and development
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