A focused approach to KMP Remuneration Benchmarking

GRG is a leading provider of benchmarking services for both listed and private companies. We apply a robust process of using market practice remuneration data and analytics to assess the quantum and mix of remuneration elements that constitute a market competitive remuneration packages for executives and board roles.

We seek to empower decision makers with real insights that put you in the best position to attract and retain key talent

We take the time to understand your business

The underlying principle of GRG’s approach to benchmarking is to develop a trusted advisor role with our clients. To this end GRG offers to invest in a deep understanding of the client’s circumstances and needs as they relate to remuneration matters.

Quality data

GRG is a leading Australian KMP remuneration data provider, maintaining Australia’s largest KMP remuneration database. Our degree-qualified analysts extract and analyse high-quality data, supported by experienced remuneration consultants. Our consistent valuation methodology ensures the best possible insights to our clients.

Unique methodology

Often, even a larger market benchmarking peer group (which we call a comparator group) fails to produce robust statistics for less common roles. In that case we may apply several unique methodologies at no additional cost to ensure that our clients get a useful reference point for all roles.

More than just data

At GRG, benchmarking is more than just quality data and analysis. Our customised benchmarking service goes to the next step, providing our clients with advice and recommendations supported by evidence, modelling and explanations.

Benchmarking solutions for both Executive and Non-Executive Director (NED) roles

Benchmarking CEO & Executive Remuneration

We provide:
  • Customised balanced comparator groups
  • Quality data and analysis of:
    • Fixed Pay (FP)
    • Short Term Variable Remuneration (STVR)
    • Long Term Variable Remuneration (LTVR)
    • Total remuneration packages (FP + STVR + LTVR)
  • Modelling of:
    • Remuneration market to produce a custom fixed pay scale
    • Role relationships & relativities
    • Remuneration outcomes
  • Remuneration report drafting & workshops
  • Implementation & additional support
Includes analysis and/or recommendations on your executive remuneration:
  • Quantum
  • Structures
  • Elements mix
  • Market positioning & strategy
  • STVR deferral
  • Salary sacrifice equity acquisition plans
  • Governance framework

Benchmarking Chair & NED Remuneration

We provide:
  • Quality data and analysis of:
    • Chair and member main board fees
    • Committee fees
    • Aggregate fees limits
    • Market movements & forecasts
    • Chair to NED multiples
  • Modelling of:
    • Recommendation outcomes
    • Market positioning
  • Remuneration report drafting & workshops
  • Implementation & additional support
Includes analysis and/or recommendations on non-executive remuneration:
  • Quantum
  • Structures
  • Aggregate fee limits
  • NED equity plans
  • Governance framework

Complimentary Appointment Pack

Appoint GRG as your remuneration consultant with ease

The Corporations Act requires an external remuneration consultant (ERC) to be approved by the board before providing advice regarding KMP remuneration, and limits such advice to non-executive directors. The board must also make a statement in their Annual Report regarding the independence of that advice, and the fees associated to the KMP remuneration recommendations and any other services.

Our Appointment Pack sets you up from the start and helps you manage the governance issues associated with appointment and oversight of an ERC, with confidence. Email or phone us for more details.